Tools For Connected Humans

Nowadays, smartphones are seen as an extension of the human being. Both a tool and a distraction, these devices make it difficult to focus due to a digital overload of social interactions.

The ability to interact with others without a connected devices is fading away.

As an interaction designer, I question our actual relationship with technology face its utterly promises to shape a better world.

In the search for space for more disconnected interactions, I designed Tools for Connected Humans. A series of connected devices ready to help the user disconnect from connectivity.

x01 - Focus

“Focus” is the first tool of the Connected Humans collection.

It will help you be less distracted by the massive amount of notifications you’re receiving daily on your phone. It actively blocks and deletes unnecessary notifications before they even have the time to be displayed on the smartphone’s screen.

If you feel this is too extreme, Focus Tool doesn’t only work as a radical notification eradicator. You can program it to be less harmful to these distractions depending on how busy you are.

x02 - Awareness

“Awareness” is the second tool of the Connected Humans collection.

The Awareness tool will help you use less your phone during the day by tracking the time spent on your device. Set a goal for the day and go for it. Try to spend less time with your screen on and beat your friends’ scores.

Awareness tool is your new time-waste-proof companion.

x03 - Social

“Social” is the third tool of the Connected Humans collection.

Social tool is designed for restaurants and will help you get more involved in the moment and with the people around you. Put your phone to charge and grab a knife and fork, it’s time to fully enjoy a nice meal.

While your enjoying a juicy meal with your friends and family, Social Tool will also feed a juicy battery boost to your phone. Don’t forget to check for restaurants with the “connect points” partnership and earn points every time your mind is set off the screen.